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No clue…

2nd October 2015 | Closed

Just a little something to pass the time

29th September 2015 | Closed

I have been obsessively watching this video because it’s adorable and makes my day so much brighter. I hope that it does the same for you!


7th March 2015 | Closed

This is exactly what I felt like in my 20’s. Okay, sorry, this applies to my entire early life. Thank you, Annie Lenox, for putting it oh so clearly. Young people everywhere should know that it DOES get better.

The Cardigans (not the band)

28th February 2015 | Closed

I realized that since 1997, I have work a LOT of cardigans and they’re making a comeback! Or, maybe I just love them so much that I want them to make a comeback. Who cares! CHEERS TO CARDIGAN’S! Cardigan!     Cardigan     Cardigan!!     It never ends!!   Also, I’ve been feeling […]

Substance Abuse – A Serious Problem in Our Country

27th February 2015 | Closed

I just saw a commercial for prescription substance abuse help and immediately had to vent about this: I once was a young person who felt like life was always over. “Oh no, my boyfriend broke up with me, my life is over…” or “Ugh, my best friend is moving away to another state… my life […]

Adventures with (Kirin)Ichiban!

20th February 2015 | Closed

Back in 2012, Kirin had the pleasure of experiencing real snow. It didn’t snow much in 2011, so she didn’t get the run around in it. However, this year it was perfect. She didn’t like it at first, but eventually started to frolic in it. It was adorable. Here are some photos:  

A new day!

15th April 2014 | 1 Comment

Well, I lost pretty much everything that I posted on my site since 2007 because WordPress had a glitch in my old page. Maybe I can find some of my old posts and re-post them. Anyway, I’m BACK! Going to try to blog a little more, but I seem to say that a lot and […]

Reason number 5568 why I hate living in Hipsterville USA:

27th February 2013 | Closed

I just woke up to a phone call from a neighbor that one of our neighbors had a break in through her roof access by one of the hipster tenants on our block. They were like “oops, we’re new here… Sorry” and left through the roof access again. WHO DOES THAT! These shitheads have been […]

New Family Member!

29th July 2011 | Closed

I’d like to introduce you to my new little monkey, Kirin Ichiban, the Shiba Inu!


1st April 2011 | Closed

When meeting new people at a party and having to figure out who’s going to take the plunge first, you and a total stranger call Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock! And the universe is in alignment.