About Me




ABOUT ME!?! Well, let me tell you!


I grew up in Brooklyn. They always say, you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you can’t take the Brooklyn outta the girl! I am half Haitian and half Polish. I speak English and Polish fluently, and I’m currently learning how to speak French. Thanks Rosetta Stone!


I’ve spent many years going to art school and studying music. I went to the High School of Art & Design where I met so many of my best friends. Friends that I still hang out with 18 years later.


I fancy myself an “artist” in some ways. I used to spend hours drawing and playing piano. Recently, I was the drummer in a rock band called “Sever The Means”. I would like to get back into music soon. Life just got a little busy.


I currently work as an accountant in the film industry. Kind of crazy because I always wanted to work in the creative arts but at least I get to work around some insanely creative people. I find it hilarious when asked “What do you do for a living” I always preface by saying that I work in Film. Folks get so excited because they assume that I’m an actress, but then I shoot them down by telling them that I’m an accountant. No one gets excited about accounting… why?


I use this site as a forum for releasing my un-nurtured and stifled creativity. I love to take photos and dabble in the arts and music. I love to have fun and go out with my friends. I live in one of the most exciting cities in the world! There is always something to do. However, I become quite the hermit-crab in the winter. I hate the winter.


I do love to dress up! Cosplay has taken off and has become so mainstream. I remember back in 1999 when I went to my very first Anime Convention and dressed up as a Japanese School Girl. Sorry, guys, no pics are available. I had such a fun time. It was obsession ever since. I did take a hiatus from Cosplay for a few years because making costumes is time consuming and with my work schedule, I barely get to see my husband.


I also love Broadway shows. I cannot get enough of them… except that it costs a fortune for tickets, so I go once a year to a major show, if the budget allows. There I go again, talking about accounting like it’s fun. LOL!

On that note, I leave you to your voyeurism. Here’s hoping that someone out there enjoys the goings-on in my brain. Bon Chance!